Solar Energy

Solar EnergyThe sun’s energy can be harnessed for many purposes. One of these is to generate heat. By using solar panels (a solar collector) sunlight is directly converted into heat.

A correctly sized solar water heating system will cover 50 to 60% of your hot water heating requirement with free solar energy.

Currently over three million households in Europe use a solar heating system.

Installation of solar tubes and panels is fully covered by BB plumbing & heating from the initial site visit to the job done, we cover all designs from south west facing to east west facing tubes and panels and we also install all associated pumping stations for these.

A anti freeze solution called Glycol circulates around the solar pipe work transferring the heat from the panels and tubes to a heat ex changer to heat water in a cylinder, this Glycol has to checked on a yearly basis especially in sunny weather to ensure a constant pressure is maintained in the solar piping.